Koti Banal

Koti Banal village is renowned for its marvellous masterpiece of architecture. The centuries old architectures have amazed researchers from country and abroad. The earthquake resistant structures were designed some 900 years ago; well before the evolution of the concept of force by Newton sir. Entire

Himalayan range is recognized as highly vulnerable to earthquakes with entire Uttarakhand falling in the zone 4th and 5th of the Earthquake risk Map of India. Many structures have turned into debris but these centuries old Koti Banal structures have withstood the high scale earthquakes because of its unique, elaborate, distinct and magnificent style of construction.

We at Rigveda Resort organize Koti Banal tour for our guests. We make all travel arrangement during the trip and give our guest opportunity to witness the marvellous knowledge of our ancestors which stands tall even today with pride and glory.

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