Yoga and Meditation Retreat is a perfect opportunity to take a break, escape the daily routine and refresh your body and mind by practising various yogic techniques such as asana, pranayama,mudra, kriya, bandha and meditation. Retreat is suitable for all levels, yoga beginners and also experienced practitioners. During retreat you will experience traditional Hatha Yoga "Patanjali yoga", get insight into yoga philosophy and get all benefits from different meditation techniques.Each day you will start with chanting mantras, breathing exercises and traditional hatha yoga classes.During the day you will have enough time to explore and enjoy the Yamunotri life, deepen your asana practice in the afternoon yoga class, and end the day with meditation. After this retreat,you will have better understanding of yoga and feel a deeper connection with your higher self.

Yoga in Yamunotri

Located in the foothills of the Himalayas it is known as a pilgrimage town and regarded as one of the holiest Hindu places in the world. The peaceful and natural environment of the town is perfect to fully focus on your yoga practice. The riverside stretch is of great spiritual and religious importance. Saints and yogis have been meditating on the banks of the Yamuna and Ganga since antiquity

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